Chow gave USC 'some consideration' before staying at UCLA

UCLA offensive coordinator Norm Chow spoke to reporters about his flirtation with USC for the first time Thursday afternoon.

Well, sort of.

During a 20-minute teleconference, reporters asked for specifics about his contact with USC. He responded by saying, "It's an exciting time for UCLA football."

Reporters asked a lot of questions, as they are wont to do, and Chow let out a number of knowing laughs and then didn't say much. As he is wont to do.

Some things did become clearer.

Chow admitted he gave overtures from USC "some consideration."

"There was some thought to it, sure," he said.

He said new USC coach Lane Kiffin "made several phone calls, several attempts" to talk to him. They never did talk, but that wasn't because of hard feelings between the two.

"There's no problem with Lane Kiffin," Chow said.

He also never talked to USC athletic director Mike Garrett. His agent Don Yee and Chow's son, Carter, an attorney with Yee's agency, handled all the discussions with USC.

Chow said he was on vacation in Marco Island, Fla., -- which included tending to a sick friend -- when the news of Kiffin's hiring broke Tuesday night. He said that, despite reports he was already a part of Kiffin's USC staff, he and his agents had not yet talked to anyone representing USC.

That's why he didn't see any reason to deny that he was interested in going back to USC, where he coached from 2001-2004 under Pete Carroll and with Kiffin.

"How do I know if I'm not interested?" he said.

He said he immediately informed UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel that Kiffin had contacted him. He was vague about whether USC and his agents talked specifics of a potential contract. He said he talked to a few recruits as well as Bruins quarterback Kevin Prince during the process.

He said "Lane will do well at USC" and that he "had great admiration for Lane Kiffin." And that he was "flattered" by the attention.

But most of all?

"We're awfully excited about what's ahead at UCLA," he said.