Horned Frogs making a late recruiting push

It’s usually around this time of year where the automatic qualifying schools start picking off the upper echelon of recruits from the nonautomatic qualifying schools.

The AQs scour non-AQ recruiting commitments for the best players that fit their system and then lure them away with promises of better competition, facilities and of course, name recognition.

But TCU is taking a more proactive approach. Instead of losing recruits to the big boys, they’re taking them.

This week, two players who were committed to AQ programs switched their commitments to be Horned Frogs. Chris Hawkins, who is ranked the No. 49 receiver in the country by ESPN’s Scouts, Inc., decommitted from Minnesota, and Matt Brown, who is the No. 44 quarterback ranked by Scouts, Inc., decommitted from Arizona.

Overall, the Horned Frogs have seven players on their current commitment list who have switched from other schools. Two of the remaining five were committed to AQ schools and two others were committed to Mountain West rival Utah. The other player was committed to Louisiana Tech.

Of the seven players who switched commitments to TCU, five are three-star recruits according to Scouts, Inc. The Horned Frogs also have commitments from two four-star recruits: defensive tackle David Johnson and athlete Sam Carter.

There’s no doubt that TCU has been able to sell its success not only from this season, but also the other six double-digit win seasons this decade. It also helps that the Horned Frogs are consistently sending players to the NFL and playing some of the best competition in the country both in their nonconference schedule and during conference play.

TCU is trying to make a late run at BYU, which currently has the best class in the Mountain West and the No. 24 class in the country, according to Scouts, Inc.