Rutgers recruiting analysis

Analyzing the 2010 Big East signing classes ...


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Signees: 25

Heavy on: Offensive line (five) and receivers (four).

Geographic trend: The Scarlet Knights inked nine players from Florida, and not just their traditional areas in South Florida and Tampa Bay. They landed players from Jacksonville and one from Daytona Beach.

Headliners: WR Jeremy Deering (four stars), DB Rashad Knight (four stars)

Sleeper: Cornerback Gareef Glashen, who decommitted from Syracuse in the last week.

Best potential for immediate impact: Knight and safety Lorenzo Waters could work themselves into certain pass coverage packages early on. Also watch Deering and 6-foot-6 Brandon Coleman, both of whom could compete for time at wideout.

Needs met: Rutgers needed to find some playmakers to complement Tom Savage and Mohamed Sanu. They may have accomplished that with guys like Deering and Coleman, along with running backs Casey Turner and Jawan Jamison.

Analysis: This was a so-so class until a really strong final week saw the additions of players like Deering and Knight. Without getting a ton of top talent out of New Jersey, Schiano was able to assemble a solid group that fills a lot of needs for a team that should be able to compete for the Big East title in two-to-three years.

What Schiano said: "What we have are a lot of fast guys who are very talented and very athletic, and we've got to figure out to get the ball in their hands. ... This was the most exciting close to recruiting that I've had here at Rutgers, and quite frankly we needed to do it. In the end, with the ones we were going after, we got just about all of them. ... The fact that we have a quarterback [Tom Savage] in our program that has proven he has potential to be great, that helped a lot [in recruiting receivers]."

Scouts Inc. grade: C-plus