Pac-10 Morning: Where is the conference party?

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

Yes, there will be a quiz...

  • It appears only one member of Arizona's recruiting class won't report (apparently not anytime soon, either), but he's a big one.

  • This link from the Daily Bruin came via Bruins Nation, and it includes some telling quotes about how QB Ben Olson needs to earn his teammates trust and respect. Consider:

As far as being at a different part of his life than the rest of his teammates -- Olson is married and has a child -- [coach Rick] Neuheisel likened it to an NFL veteran playing alongside an NFL rookie: both need the other to be successful.

"They're not at the same places in their lives, but on game day, they need each other," Neuheisel said. "And Ben has to embrace that. He's going to be throwing to some freshman receivers in fall camp. He's got to be able to put his arm around them and make them feel good."

  • I found this California football capsule to touch all the bases. And this editorial on coach Jeff Tedford's plan for a second honeymoon also reads well.

  • And for our Stanford friends: Your very own football capsule.

  • You knew the Oregon athletic department was rich. Rob Moseley reinforces this by pointing out the Ducks' seven-figure recruiting budget.

  • Speaking of the Ducks, perhaps they will use more than one QB this season.

  • Might JerseyGate resolve itself so USC and UCLA can wear their home jerseys during their rivalry game? Brian Dohn gets the skinny.

  • Want to quantify how rich in talent USC has been during the Pete Carroll era? No? Then don't click this link to the Orange County Register's USC blog and look at the All-Carroll Team. Blog OCR also gives an update on Josh Pinkard's health.

  • First Cal... now Oregon State... Fancy new jerseys for the Beavers.

  • Over at the Bleacher Report, Lisa Horne goes Royce Gracia on her SEC critics. This is becoming the new sport on the West Coast: Winning arguments against Wide-Eyes from the SEC by using actual facts. Of course, sometimes SEC folks try to invent their own facts with self-proclaimed "experts", but they don't realize we know how to use the Internets out here.

  • Finally... I predict rioting in the streets. It's upsetting that only one Pac-10 university made the Princeton Review list of top party schools, but the very idea that 17 schools party harder than Arizona State... I mean, honestly, that's just stupid.