Halftime update: Georgia Tech 24, Florida State 20

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

ATLANTA, Ga. -- This game has been a microcosm of the entire league, with the momentum shifting back and forth and it being impossible to truly grasp who's going to come out on top.

Statistically, they've been very evenly matched, so odds are it will depend on whose offensive line grades out better in these run-based offenses, which defense can limit the big plays and who doesn't turn it over.

Neither team has been a one-man show, as four different players have scored for Georgia Tech, and Florida State has made use of both its quarterbacks. D'Vontrey Richardson has been used soley for his feet. Georgia Tech has started to get more pressure on Christian Ponder, though, and has forced him into some poor throws.

Both teams are getting a lot out of their usually overshadowed backs, as Florida State's Jermaine Thomas and Georgia Tech's Roddy Jones have both played integral roles so far.

So far, Georgia Tech has made enough plays in all three phases that it could be the team that knocks the Noles out of the hunt for the Atlantic Division. Florida State's defense has definitely been challenged. It hasn't given up three rushing touchdowns in a half since the 1997 Sugar Bowl. Still, the Noles continue to be one of the toughest teams to beat on third downs.

We knew turnovers would be key going into this game, and Ponder's interception in the second quarter dramatically swung the momentum in Georgia Tech's favor, but it didn't last long.

Florida State has had to come from behind in each of its past two wins, though, so this is nothing new for them.