Three-point stance: 93 percent of coaches like BCS

1. In an American Football Coaches Association survey taken earlier this year, 93 percent of FBS head coaches prefer the bowls over a playoff, and 85 percent say that they like the way the BCS picks its teams. However, 30 percent want to see “some modifications” in the BCS system. Yeah, I know. The math doesn’t quite add up but that’s all right. When the commissioners decide to make changes, they will listen to the AFCA about as much as they’ll listen to me.

2. Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz told a great story Wednesday to illustrate the leadership of defensive linemen Adrian Clayborn and Christian Ballard. On a Friday last spring when the Hawkeyes’ defensive tackles got banged up, Ferentz said, ends Clayborn and Ballard jumped in and took snaps at tackle without being asked. “[O]utside guys, they are not always wild about going inside,” Ferentz said. In fact, Ballard moved to tackle and started every game last season.

3. After Oregon athletic director Mike Bellotti resigned last week, I mocked the practice of athletic directors who hire consultants to help them find head coaches. A current athletic director pointed out to me that consultants provide cover for schools that hire and for coaches interested in moving. But discretion always has been part of the process. I believe consultants are just another example of profligate athletic spending. Maybe I’m naïve.