Edsall reaches out to Florida International

If there's anyone who can relate to what Florida International's football team is going through right now, unfortunately, it's UConn.

Last Thursday night, 22-year-old running back Kendall Berry was stabbed to death outside the school's recreation center. It was strikingly reminiscent of the Huskies' own tragedy last fall, when cornerback Jasper Howard was stabbed and killed on campus in the middle of the season.

UConn coach Randy Edsall had to learn how to handle the situation, and he's offered some help to Florida International. He called FIU coach Mario Cristobal on Friday and also asked Jasper Howard's mother, JoAnglia, if she would talk to Berry's family and the FIU players.

"We're reaching out to them with support and understanding," Edsall said. "Just to let them know we're thinking about them, but also [to say] 'We just went through it and we know how you feel.'"

There's a Big East connection between the two programs, as Cristobal is a former Greg Schiano assistant. Edsall handled the extreme challenge last year with grace and poise, and perhaps his experience can help the healing for FIU.