Saban's arrival pretty uneventful

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

BATON ROUGE, La. -- The much anticipated arrival of Nick Saban to Tiger Stadium with the rest of the Alabama team was pretty uneventful.

Saban was the first one off the team bus and was surrounded by security personnel. There were actually as many Alabama fans, if not more, than LSU fans gathered outside the stadium to wait on the Crimson Tide buses.

The boos by the LSU fans were drowned out by the cheers from Alabama fans, who were there in force to support their man.

The only thing halfway interesting about Alabama's arrival was that Saban was wearing a purple tie.

A peace offering? Probably not.

Outside the stadium, there were some pretty catchy signs and shirts.

One Alabama fan (one brave Alabama fan) was carrying around a large sign that read: We've got Saban, and you've got Les.

There were also a ton of purple shirts all over campus that read: Don't be a Nick.

On Friday night, LSU fans burned an image of Saban in effigy at an apartment complex in Baton Rouge. The scarecrow that was burned had a picture of Saban's face and a headset on the head. Someone dressed in a Mike the Tiger outfit actually lit the fire.

Not everybody in Baton Rouge despises Saban. Kevin Scarbinsky of The Birmingham News spent the week here and caught up with several of the Sabans' friends to get their perspective on all the hoopla.

Saban spent part of his Friday night speaking at the high school in Baton Rouge of former LSU receiver Michael Clayton, who was one of Saban's first big signees when he got the job at LSU.

And people wonder why Saban is such a good recruiter.