Most non-AQs steer clear of APR trouble

The NCAA released its multi-year APR report Wednesday and two non-AQ football teams rank in the top 5 of all FBS institutions.

Air Force finished with an APR score of 988 and Rice finished third with an APR of 987. Only Rutgers (992) had a higher APR score in football.

According to the NCAA, an APR of 925 predicts a graduation success rate (GSR) of 50 percent. Football’s national four-year APR average is 944, up five points from the previous year.

Despite the good news for the non-AQs, there’s also some bad. Three programs were hit with immediate scholarship losses after failing to adhere to APR standards. Idaho lost six scholarships, Florida Atlantic lost two and New Mexico State was deducted one scholarship. However, in most cases these penalties already have been served.

In Conference USA, six programs finished above the average football APR. The MAC had three programs finish above the average, the Mountain West had four, the Sun Belt had three and the WAC had four. Navy and Army both finished above the average in football.