Your take: More on BYU and Utah

I decided to post one more round of comments mostly because some of these comments were the antithesis of the comments I posted Friday. I know there has been some concern about the rivalry, so I thought I would share what some other folks think:

Donnie from Atlanta writes: Another thing to consider, Utah already has Boise State slated from 2011-2013 so would Utah want to play their Pac 12 schedule and 2 of the 3 best teams in the MWC? I wouldn't be surprised if they try to put either of those two series on hiatus for a while. In general it will be interesting to see what the Utes slate for their non conference schedule, do they take it easy for a while or pile it on?

Graham: That’s a good point, Donnie. I don’t think Utah would want to play two MWC teams, especially if it’s trying to separate itself from that conference. If I’m the Utes, I think I’d keep Boise State as a way to get ready for better competition, but pad the rest of the schedule with easy games.

DelSol9698 from Ewa Beach, Hawaii, writes: I have been watching BYU and Utah play since I was 5 years old. I always loved watching the rivalry game even when there was nothing at stake. I think that the rivalry will fizzle. Utah will stop scheduling BYU because they would not want to have the blemish of a possible defeat from BYU on their record. BYU will try and continue the rivalry for tradition sake but it will be Utah that kills the rivalry. If I were the PAC XX I would of taken both teams to preserve this intense rivalry and get more money out of it but the religious bias of the PAC XX and their commissioner will always leave BYU on the outside.

Graham: I think it would be the same if the roles were reversed. Any team heading to an AQ conference probably wouldn’t want to get beat by their non-AQ rival while they're trying to start their new conference off on the right foot.

Kevin from Brownsville Texas writes: Just imagining a season without a BYU/Utah game brings a little tear to my eye. The rivalry must continue.

Graham: I wish I had some tissues I could share.

Aaron from Tampa, Fla., writes: Losing the conference element of the BYU-Utah rivalry is certainly a blow; however, it has been replaced with the element of non-AQ versus BCS. Many BYU fans will call Utah a traitor out of jealousy and many Utah fans will arrogantly believe the Utes program is simply superior. As an ardent BYU fan I find myself hating Utah and wanting to beat them more than ever, so I don't see how this can hurt the rivalry, though it definitely has changed it.

Graham: But why do you want to beat them more than ever? Because they got an opportunity to move to a better conference and BYU did not or is it something else? I agree that this move will intensify the rivalry and maybe that’s a reason for it not to continue. Utah doesn’t really have anything to gain from it.

Barry from San Diego, Calif., writes: Graham, I cannot put into words how happy I would be to see this game go away. The whole thing is the definition of classless. I think it brings a whole lot of people out of the woodwork that have no real interest in either teams football team but use it as a forum to spew vitriol. I am a BYU fan and Utah is the ONLY away game I will not go to (and I wouldn't go to BYU if I were a Ute fan). It isn't worth it. Can't wait to see this game die.

Graham: I think what you’re saying makes sense and your feeling echoes those of many that have watched the Holy War. It does seem like this rivalry has gotten more bitter as it's gone on, especially recently. Once the players start lashing out at fans in the media and coaches start having their families attacked, a timeout is probably warranted.

Russell from Omaha, Neb., writes: I have been a BYU fan my entire life and been to hundreds of games over the past 30 years. I hate the BYU - Utah game. I don't hate Utah, I hate the game. I wish it was never played. Neither team ever plays very well. It is absolutely miserable going to the game because of the idiocy displayed in equal measure by both teams fans. Never in all the age of man have there been more juvenile, trashy comments made than in the week surrounding that game. It is not, nor has it ever been, a classy rivalry and I hope to see it go.

Graham: Hmmm, I don't agree that neither team plays very well during this game. In fact, these games have been some of the most entertaining in the past few years. I do think that some of the antics by some fans have been over the top and have caused some unwarranted harm. Now, with this move, that vitriol stands to be even more intense. As I said earlier, I'm not sure what Utah stands to gain from continuing this game. Perhaps this year's game will be a good gauge of where the rivalry is from a civility standpoint.

Brandon from Provo, Utah, writes: The Rivalry is dead. The Holy War has ended. Utah betrayed themselves and their enemy, BYU. Ohio State wouldn't leave the Big 10 and Michigan. Oklahoma and Texas were going to stick together no matter which conference they joined. But Utah threw history and competition out the window because of one thing. MONEY. And they aren't completely at fault for this. The fault lies in the greedy BCS. The fault lies in the NCAA not having the teeth to govern their most prized sport. Because of the dreaded monopolizing BCS, there will be no more "Harline is still open" and "Magic Happens", or "Rice Bowl" games. The end of November won't ever be the same.

Graham: I don’t think this is a comparable situation. The other schools wouldn’t leave Texas because Texas was their meal ticket. Michigan and Ohio State are in a great situation. Utah stands to make 10 times more in TV revenue than it does now. That’s not being greedy, that’s being business-savvy. It’s like anyone moving to a better job to better their lives regardless of how it affects their coworkers. I don’t think many people should blame Utah for making the move or even blame the BCS. I think any team in Utah’s position would have jumped at the opportunity.