Three-point stance: Colorful approach

1.The World Cup, the biggest sporting event on the globe, allows two teams on the same pitch to wear different colored jerseys. Spain wore blue, Paraguay wore red and white, and everyone knew the difference. The NCAA Football Rules Committee didn’t decide until last year that the visiting team no longer must wear white. Even then, it allows the home team to veto the visitors’ apparel choice. Why? Change the rule. Here’s hoping more teams wear their colors on the road.

2.When a college athlete commits an error in judgment, it’s easy to shrug it off with, “He’s 20 years old. He’s not old enough to think.” Georgia athletic director Damon Evans doesn’t have that excuse. He’s 40 years old. You can’t dismiss his indiscretions. But he hurt himself more than he hurt Georgia. Sanctimony does no good. In the end, the news of Evans’ resignation brings nothing but sadness. Evans will survive. So will Georgia. But what a waste.

3.The departure of Todd McNair from the USC coaching staff is one more example of how the Trojans and the NCAA never spoke the same language. Given the NCAA’s case against McNair regarding the Reggie Bush matter, you would think that USC would fire McNair with fanfare, hoist him onto the sacrificial spit and roast him for all to see. Instead, the university quietly allowed his contract to expire. Nothing to see here, nothing to see. Keep moving, folks. Nothing to see.