Georgia players face legal trouble

A pair of Georgia players find themselves facing disciplinary action following alcohol-related arrests early Saturday morning.

Reserve running back Dontavius Jackson was charged with six misdemeanors, including drunken driving. Starting receiver Tavarres King was charged with underage possession of alcohol. University of Georgia Athletic Association policy mandates at least a one-game suspension for a football player arrested on an alcohol-related charge.

King had been one of Georgia's most promising up-and-coming receivers throughout the spring and offseason.

These arrests come less than a week after Georgia athletic director Damon Evans resigned his position in the wake of DUI charges against him. And for anybody wondering why Georgia president Michael Adams made the decision he did, that Evans could no longer effectively lead the Georgia athletic department, this kind of thing is the very reason.

Can you imagine Evans trying to stand up now and denounce this kind of behavior? His words would ring a tad hollow.

In short, Adams made the only decision he could.