Hokies' Tyrod Taylor to run more?

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Virginia Tech quarterback Tyrod Taylor is at his best when his feet are part of his game. Last year, that dimension of the offense was stifled -- not because of opposing defenses, but for fear of Taylor getting injured.

Taylor rushed for 370 yards a year ago compared to 738 rushing yards in 2008. Coach Frank Beamer said that could change this fall, as the staff has grown more confident in its backup quarterbacks, Logan Thomas and Ju-Ju Clayton.

"We're much better equipped for our backup quarterback this year than we were last year at this time," Beamer said. "No. 1, Ju-Ju's had a lot of reps. No. 2, Logan's been there the whole time at spring practice. We're much more ready for a second quarterback to come in there than we were. The other side of it is you do what you do in your offense what gives you the best chance to move the chains."

The staff still has to determine its No. 2 quarterback this summer, though Thomas seemed to have the edge coming out of spring ball.

"I think going into the fall we'll try to get that determined fairly quickly," Beamer said. "I think you've got the right two people there to be quarterbacks. They're leaders, good kids, good talent. We'll clear that up."