Tuberville pokes some fun

IRVING, Texas -- Each Big 12 coach asked about this summer's realignment issues has taken his turn smiling or deferring to decision-makers above him for further comment.

But Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville, whose comments earlier this spring caused a small commotion, couldn't help but make light of his earlier public reprimand via commissioner Dan Beebe in his opening statement on Tuesday morning.

"Great to be back at a media day, out for a year working on you guys' side of the ball a little bit," he said, beginning to crack a smile. "In television, they taught us to speak our mind. I forgot to get that out of my mind a few weeks ago, so got to get back on the coaching side."

Tuberville's barb drew laughs from the room full of reporters, but he stepped back in line for his later comments on realignment.

"We want to be an all-around conference, and we will be because the teams that are still with us are very dedicated and committed to that. So I was just disappointed we lost two teams," he said. "But everything will pick up where we left off. We have our responsibility as coaches to make our teams better. The presidents and the athletic directors and the commissioner have committed, 'Hey, they're going to make this the best conference in the country.' We're all behind them and we're for that. I'm excited about it."

Tuberville will have the honor of throwing out the first pitch at Tuesday night's Texas Rangers game.

"I'm working on my slider," he said.