Three-point stance: Vols' Hamilton has self to blame

1.Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton wrote an open letter to Volunteer fans on Monday to ask for their “unity of purpose and support” of the football team. Hamilton wrote, “the last three years we have had our fair share of turmoil and divisiveness.” I’m sure Hamilton’s intentions are pure. But he had a hand in creating the aforementioned turmoil. If this football season sours, the posse isn’t coming for Derek Dooley. It’s coming for Hamilton.

2.Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh prides himself on his intensity and ability to focus. Most coaches disappear for a few days in June or July. Those months are the slowest on the coaching calendar. But Harbaugh did no such disappearing. “I don’t take vacations,” he said. “I don’t get sick. I don’t observe major holidays. I’m a jackhammer.”

3.The Big Ten and the Big 12 both have signaled their intention to join the Pac-10 and play nine-game league schedules in the next couple of years. That means the era of rent-a-victim home games may be ending -- there will be 22 fewer league games. Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott believes that fans are wising up and don’t want to pay big-league ticket prices for mismatched games. He is right. But what of the financial well-being of all those rented victims?