Third quarter: BYU 31, AFA 17

Posted by ESPN.com's Graham Watson

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- For about eight minutes in the second quarter, Air Force looked as good as it suggested.

Most everything after that has been ugly.

There's been a field goal and a forced fumble late in the half, but the Falcons will have to put some points on the board if it wants to keep pace with BYU's offensive onslaught.

Air Force had a chance at the start of the second half to put some real pressure on a BYU team that was reeling after a terrible second quarter. But the Falcons offense turned back into the same milquetoast offense with which it started the game.

Consequently, BYU turned around, scored on its first possession of the half and took a 17-14 lead and sapped any momentum Air Force might have had at the end of the first half. Prior to that score, Air Force had not allowed a point in the second half during the three previous games.

And it's just been bad from there. A fumble on the kickoff after BYU's score led to another touchdown and all of a sudden Air Force finds itself in an even worse spot than it was in the first half.

The 21 points allowed in the third quarter is the most the Falcons have allowed in any quarter this season.

So, here what we're looking at. Both teams have 15 minutes to keep their Mountain West Conference title hopes alive.

In one of the preview posts, I wrote that in AFA coach Troy Calhoun's previous two games against BYU, his team had lost by an average of 22 points. Well, the Falcons are heading toward a similar fate if they don't change momentum in the final period.