Non-AQ fans Share the Pain

The time has come to hear from you, the faithful fan, about your most painful losses. ESPN has given you its ranking of the top 50 most torturous losses of all time. Yesterday we featured a few from the non-AQ school perspective.

Here is a sampling of what non-AQ fans have submitted.

Ezra from Dallas writes: TCU's 2003 loss at Southern Miss was devastating. TCU took a 10-game winning streak, #6 BCS ranking, and hopes of busting the BCS (which had, in 2003, not yet been done) to Hattiesburg, and choked. But not before scoring something like 28 points in four minutes to come within 3 points, in the fourth quarter. The almost-comeback was thrilling in the extreme, followed by the most punishing downer imaginable. The crowd gave TCU a standing ovation at the end of the game.

Dave LaCerra from Mount Prospect, Ill., writes: Northern Illinois Loss to Bowling Green 2003.The scenario: Week #1, the Huskies beat #14 Maryland 20-17 in overtime. Then, the Huskies traveled to Tuscaloosa and beat #21 Alabama 16-13. After beating Iowa State the following week, the Huskies won their first 7 games. Following week 5 the first BCS standings were released, and by week 7 the Huskies had climbed to #10 overall. The Huskies could not keep that momentum going, as they lost in week 8 at #22 Bowling Green, which featured the first ever ESPN GameDay appearance for a MAC football game. The Huskies would finishing the year 10-2, unranked, and uninvited to a bowl game.

Zach from Fresno, Calif., writes: 2001 -- Boise State defeats Fresno State 35-30. Fresno State was ranked 8th in the nation and was on its way to be the first true test to being a BCS buster. All they had to do with a David Carr led team was run through the WAC and they would be playing in a New Years bowl game, after upsetting three nationally ranked teams in Colorado, Oregon State and Wisconsin to start the season. Upstart Boise arrives in the WAC the same year, comes into Bulldog Stadium with no quit attitude and pulls the upset on the undefeated Bulldogs. Cinderella's slipper switched hands that night, Boise decade of dominance begins and Fresno's year after year of over hype and huge let downs have left the program on life support.

Sean D. from Salt Lake City writes: How could anyone forget "Beck to Harline" in the corner of the end zone at Rice-Eccles in the 2006 Holy War?

Philip from Boise, Idaho writes: Idaho Vandals vs. Boise St. Broncos in the Kibbie Dome 2006. It was the year Boise ended up winning the Fiesta Bowl over Oklahoma. Both teams undefeated (3-0) in the WAC going into that game. Boise was only up by 2 (28-26) with about 7 minutes remaining in the game. It would have ended years of losing for Idaho. It ended up being 42-26 (Boise win) but the Kibbie Dome was rocking the whole game and Boise faced the most hostile crowed of the entire season. When the game ended the air quickly left the Dome, and a few months later our coach, Dennis Erickson fled for warmer waters in Arizona.

Charles Baine of Greenville, Ala., writes: 2008 TROY 31 vs LSU 40...30 pt 4th qtr for the tigers

Roger from Greensboro, N.C., writes: The 2010 AutoZone Liberty Bowl. ECU (my team) vs. Arkansas. Tied with two minutes left. Our kicker missed two chip shot field goals in the final two minutes which would have won the game. We got the ball first in OT, kicked another field goal...and missed. Arkansas won 20-17. It still stings.

Jared of San Francisco writes: TCU at Utah 2008. TCU leads for 59 minutes. 1 more minute and they are in their first BCS game. Utah pulls it out. TCU heartbreak. Enough said.

Brian Krylowicz from Missoula, Mont., writes: I am a diehard San Diego State fan and my most painful loss was not even a loss, it was a tie. I don't even have to describe the game other than 52-52. San Diego State has a history of being described as a sleeping giant. But in my lifetime they have never woken up. And the 52-52 tie to BYU when we had Marshall knocked us so bad that we have never come close to waking that sleeping giant since. I won't even bring up how we led 45-17. Too painful.

Josh Harper from Memphis, Tenn., writes: 2006 at the Liberty Bowl. Arkansas State vs. Memphis. Freshman quarterback Corey Leonard chucks a Hail Mary 45 yards into the end zone for a last second TD. Arkansas State beats Memphis 26-23. Memphis hasn't been the same since.

Josh Bryant from Taft, Calif., writes: Nov. 19, 2005 - #1 USC beats #16 Fresno State 50 - 42 in one of the most classic bouts in college football history... Too bad my poor 'Dogs lost =-(

Travis Faanes from Sparks, Nev., writes: Oct. 14 2007 Nevada at Boise. 67-69 OT4 It was Colin Kaepernick’s first game and it was the first time Nevada almost beat Boise at home since becoming FBS. On the 2 point conversion Colin almost ran it in but got caught from behind on the 1 yard line.

Jeff Lewis from Greensboro, N.C., wriites: Marshall over Miami (OH) 36-34 in November 2002. Winner gets the berth in the MAC title game. Miami has the lead 34-29 with 6:33 left, then breaks up a pass on 4th down in the end zone to seal the deal ... almost. A phantom pass interference call gives Marshall another crack and they run it in with 5 seconds left. And to cap it all off, our defensive coordinator gets led off the field in handcuffs.