Mountain West vs. WAC

Colleague Pat Forde has an excellent column today on what went down between the Mountain West and WAC. He writes:

"I remember calling Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson for his reaction after WAC champion Boise State shocked Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. He described the Boise victory as "great" and "one for the ages." Said he was openly cheering for the Broncos.

That seems like a very long time ago.

Today, Thompson and WAC commish Karl Benson might as well meet halfway between their offices -- say, Castle Rock -- for an Old West gunfight at 20 paces. During the course of a single predatory summer, the relationship between the leagues has devolved from brotherhood to fratricide."

Plenty more from ESPN.com, including polls asking, "What would be the best move for BYU?" and "Which is the more prestigious college football program, Boise State or BYU?"

I will take a look at what could be next for the WAC tomorrow, so stay tuned.