Kelly: Oregon will name a starting QB on Saturday

All the speculation across the globe will end on Saturday at 9:05 a.m., when either senior Nate Costa or sophomore Darron Thomas takes the first snap at Oregon's practice.

That's when reporters and fans will learn who the Ducks starting quarterback will be in the season-opener vs. New Mexico on Sept. 4.

Said coach Chip Kelly, as quoted in The Oregonian.

“Saturday morning when we come out to practice (for) New Mexico, we’ll know who our starting quarterback’s going to be. It’s been the same plan all along, I’m not being evasive. This Saturday, right after Friday … Thursday, Friday, Saturday. … On Saturday morning, whoever takes the first snap (will be the starter). … I’ll tell you before if you want to call me.’’

Kelly, by the way, has a talent for screening calls. Maybe he could change his voice mail: "Hello, this is Oregon football coach Chip Kelly. I'm really sorry I missed your call and I really, really want to talk to you. Except for you Miller. As for our starting quarterback, it's... mnfffuabuffta. Go Ducks."

Dial tone.

It's possible the decision has already been made. It's also possible a closed scrimmage on Thursday will be the final and telling contest between the two candidates to replace He Whose Name Shall Not Be Mentioned, who is presently competing to start at Ole Miss (or not?).

Based on what the Pac-10 blog has read on the competition -- thousands upon thousands words of copy -- there is a general consensus: No one knows whom Kelly will tap.