Gary Patterson talks TCU schedule

TCU coach Gary Patterson appeared on a conference call today with Oregon State coach Mike Riley to preview their season opener Sept. 4 in Cowboys Stadium.

Patterson was asked about scheduling, and whether it was good to open the season against a top AQ opponent.

"For us, we always feel like we need one stretch game, a game perception-wise the nation thinks we don’t have a chance to win," Patterson said. "Oregon State does that, last year it was Clemson, in 2005 Oklahoma, 2007 Texas. If we have three non-conference ball games, one will be a stretch game, one will be a 50-50, one should be a game you should win.

"I don’t believe you should go out and prostitute yourself. But in these times you need to go out and play ball games. The Clemson game was for $1 million before we left the bus, this game here is for a lot of money. You have to get win-win situations. I don’t look at it just as a head coach. I look at it as what’s going to be best for TCU. That’s how we’ve looked at scheduling since the beginning, and to give your kids a chance to be successful."

Boise State has to agree with what Patterson says. The Broncos try to also play games against top-quality teams from AQ conferences and both do it so they can raise their profile and answer critics who say their schedules are too easy. TCU has had a hard time getting home-and-home games the way Boise State has had. Broncos AD Gene Bleymaier is so frustrated, he has asked the NCAA to pass legislation mandating home-and-home games.