Terps' offense embarrassed in first half

Maryland should be embarrassed by its first-half performance against West Virginia:

Total yards: WVU 345, MD 63.

Rushing yards: WVU 119, MD 2.

First downs: WVU 16, MD 4.

Third downs: WVU 7-of-9, MD 0-of-5

Don't tell me Maryland doesn't have talent or speed on offense. Wide receiver Torrey Smith is the real deal, and his 60-yard touchdown pass from Jamarr Robinson is only a flash of his potential. Terps fans should be concerned by the current coach-in-waiting plan. Offensive coordinator James Franklin can recruit, but so far, he's done little to impress as a play-caller. Yes, Maryland has had issues up front, but the Terps have looked like a JV offense for much of this game.