Three-point stance: 'Lag time' upsets Irish

1.Notre Dame fans howled after it appeared that the play clock read :00 when Michigan State made the snap on The Fake Field Goal. The Big East, whose officials called the game, said Sunday that there’s a “natural lag time” between when the back judge sees :00 on the clock and when he looks to see if the ball has been snapped. "(T)his lag time created the situation where it appears the play clock expired just before the snap.” I checked -- the phrase “lag time” doesn’t appear in the NCAA Football Rule Book.

2.In case you missed it, quarterback Andrew Hatch, who transferred from Harvard to LSU and back, made his first start for the Crimson on Saturday against Holy Cross. Hatch completed 20 of 25 passes for 276 yards and three touchdowns in a 34-6 victory. That adds up to an efficiency rating of 212.34. LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson, whose ascendancy helped Hatch decide to pursue an Ivy education, has a rating of 113.15. I know, I know: Jefferson isn’t playing Holy Cross.

3.Virginia Tech did not strengthen Boise State’s schedule the way that everyone thought. But Nevada might. The Wolf Pack stunned California late Friday night, winning 52-31 in a game that should remind everyone how dangerous Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick (181 yards and three touchdowns passing, 148 yards and two touchdowns rushing) can be. Thanksgiving Friday just got a lot more interesting. No. 3 Boise State plays at Nevada, and No. 14 Arizona plays at No. 5 Oregon.