Boise State wants home and home games

One of the biggest talking points about Boise State is its weak of strength of schedule and why the Broncos are not doing anything about it. Athletic director Gene Bleymaier has talked many times about the difficulty of getting top-tier opponents on their schedule, because most do not want to play in Boise.

Some headlines were made a few weeks ago when Nebraska came out and said a two-for-one deal to play Boise State fizzled because the Broncos wanted $1 million to play in Lincoln. Now there are more headlines today.

Alabama athletic director Mal Moore told The Tuscaloosa News that he has never been contacted by Boise State to schedule a game. Reached Friday for a response, Bleymaier said it was because he wants a home and home, not a one and done on the road.

"We'll play anybody in the country home and home," Bleymaier told ESPN. Although Boise State's 2011 schedule isn't yet finalized, Bleymaier said the Broncos do have a Southeastern Conference opponent -- Ole Miss. That is not a home-and-home, and Boise State is being paid $900,000 for the one-time trip.

So is this going to become a standard story, where all the athletic directors at the elite programs around the country are asked whether they have heard from Boise State? If not, then shame on Boise State?

The Broncos have every right to want a home-and-home agreement here. If Alabama wanted a piece of Boise State, then why not call up Bleymaier and schedule a home-and-home? Right, because Alabama has nothing to prove, and there is no reason for the Tide do that when they already play in the ultra competitive SEC. Well, if that was the case, then why is Alabama playing one marquee non-conference game a year?

Boise State has much more to prove and should make every attempt to strengthen its schedule. But it needs enough home gates, too.