LSU-West Virginia kickoff notes

BATON ROUGE, La. -- It's an open-air press box here at Tiger Stadium, which means I get to experience all the noise Death Valley is famous for. The place is starting to fill in and there's a small but pretty vocal West Virginia contingent here in the end zone.

Will the noise affect the Mountaineers? The offensive line drew several false-start penalties at Marshall, but the players insisted that was more about the Thundering Herd yelling out their cadences than any crowd noise (and you could fit two or three of Marshall's stadium in here). Still, the offense will have to stay on the same page and ignore the deafening roar.

I doubt Geno Smith will get rattled. I haven't seen anything rattle that kid yet.

LSU has won 30 straight nonconference games at home, while West Virginia hasn't beaten a ranked nonconference opponent on the road in 22 years. So history is against the Mountaineers.