Halftime update: Ball State 10, Buffalo 7

Posted by ESPN.com's Graham Watson
DETROIT -- The first half of the Mid-American Conference Championship hasn't turned out to be the offensive affair that many -- including the coaches and players -- expected it to be.

Ball State had a terrible first quarter and a decent second quarter to take a 10-7 lead into halftime. Ian McGarvey made a 47-yard field goal as time expired in the first half to give the Cardinals the lead.

Buffalo was just the opposite. It had a great first quarter, jumped out to a 7-0 lead, and then tanked in the second quarter. The personal foul (helmet-to-helmet) penalty set up the Cardinals' first score and a fumble by James Starks in his own zone set up the field goal.

So, neither team has put its best work on the field so far tonight, but at least it's made for a close and interesting game.

Both teams have done a good job of trying to mix up their offensive schemes. The running games have been good for both teams and the passing game has been decent. Neither team has attempted many deep passes and there was probably a record set for the most screen passes in a half.

Both teams are playing it close to the vest and capitalizing on mistakes, but one team will have to open it up if it wants to take control of this game.