Same sad story for Syracuse

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Syracuse had a chance to make a statement and build some momentum in front of an excited home crowd.

But with six minutes left in the third quarter, the fans are heading for the exits en masses. That's because they've seen this particular story too many times before.

Pittsburgh leads 35-7, and the Orange can't get anything to go their way. They've had the two best drives of the second half by either team, but one resulted in an 80-yard pick six interception by Ricky Gary, and the last one just ended with a fumble by Alec Lemon inside the Pitt 25.

The Panthers aren't doing too much except trying to hold on defensively and keep this clock running, and though you'd like to see more aggression, that's all they need to do right now. The Orange aren't back yet, and they are laying an egg during this golden opportunity.