Tigers 2-for-2 on key reviews

AUBURN, Ala. -- Auburn is 2-for-2 on critical reviews Saturday, a big reason the Tigers are leading this game 58-43.

Both were extremely close, this last one a fumble by Arkansas’ Broderick Green that Zac Etheridge returned 47 yards for a touchdown to give the Tigers a 51-43 lead.

Like Mario Fannin’s fumble on the goal line in the first half, this one was ruled a touchdown on the field.

Green looked like he was lying on top of Auburn’s Mike Blanc, who was pulling Green to the ground, when the ball came loose. On this one, it was simply too close for the replay official to overturn the call.

However, on Fannin’s fumble earlier in the game, the ball definitely looked like it was loose before he crossed the goal line.