Tyrod Taylor sore but healthy

Virginia Tech quarterback Tyrod Taylor is sore, but "he's healthy," coach Frank Beamer said on Monday morning's teleconference.

"He's healthy," Beamer said. "He's sore, but he's healthy."

Beamer said he's a bit concerned by the number of hits Taylor has taken lately.

"He's a strong guy, very well-conditioned guy, but anytime your quarterback is taking hits, you're concerned," Beamer said. "He took a couple the other day that you look at on video and you're concerned. We talk to him and tell him don't take any you don't need to take, but sometimes being competitive and so forth he's going to get every yard he can."

Beamer also said he wants running back Ryan Williams to be 100 percent healed from a hamstring injury before he returns.

"Anything less than that, he needs to wait," Beamer said. "The kind of back he is and being a running back, if your hamstring is a little tender, he can't use his abilities; his quickness, his stop-and-go and acceleration and so forth. Our thing with him is we want you to be 100 percent."

Beamer wouldn't say whether or not Williams would be the starter when he comes back.