3-point stance: Pac-12 did alright

1.Now that the Pac-12 has established its Mason-Dixon line as somewhere around Fresno, there’s something to like and dislike on either side. That makes it a good compromise. The best feature of the divisional format is putting the championship game in the stadium of the team with the best record. That raises the stakes of the regular season and should solve the attendance issues that annually plague the ACC.

2.As hard as it may be to believe, Rutgers defensive lineman Eric LeGrand isn’t the only college football player who suffered a severe spinal injury last Saturday. Division III Luther (Ia.) College freshman Chris Norton’s head collided with the leg of a Central (Ia.) College kick returner. Norton has moved to the Mayo Clinic and already has regained some movement in his arms. Here’s hoping that Norton keeps progressing -- and that LeGrand catches up to him.

3.The shooting death of Pace defensive back Danroy (D.J.) Henry by police outside of a Thornwood, N.Y., bar last weekend is being investigated. Jon Haskins, who resigned as Pace defensive coordinator shortly before the season, told me that Henry “worked his ass off and was personally accountable to the coaches and everyone he was around. He was far from a troublemaker. He was quite the opposite. ... He was a good kid, very respectful of authority and other teammates. Quiet and just worked.”