Mark Dantonio's gamble pays off again

EVANSTON, Ill. -- Mark Dantonio strikes again.

It wasn't quite "Little Giants," but Dantonio's decision to call a fake punt has put Michigan State right back in this game with 13:12 left. Facing fourth-and-6 from the Northwestern 31-yard line, Michigan State originally looked to be going for the first down. But after a timeout, the Spartans took a delay of game, setting up a seemingly obvious punting situation.

But nothing is obvious with Dantonio and the punt team.

Aaron Bates' pass wasn't great, but it reached Bennie Fowler for a 21-yard gain and a first down. Northwestern's Jordan Mabin appeared to stop running on the play.

You would think Northwestern would have learned from the Michigan State-Notre Dame game. The Wildcats have to feel a little deflated right now.

If Michigan State comes back to win, everyone will be talking about The Call, Part II.