Tigers defense and offense aligning

COLUMBIA, Mo. -- Oklahoma's last three possessions have resulted in a pair of punts and an interception.

Missouri's last three possessions have resulted in two touchdowns and a field goal.

Add it all up and Missouri looks ready to knock off the No. 1 Sooners with a 36-21 lead midway through the fourth quarter.

Oklahoma would be the third No. 1 seed to lose in as many weeks.

The Tigers marched 76 yards in five plays, spearheaded by a fantastic run from De'Vion Moore, who got into the secondary, kept his legs churning and made sure to protect the ball on his 39-yard carry up the middle.

The Tigers then brought in freshman backup quarterback James Franklin who got near the goal line and pushed the pile across the plane to put the Tigers over the top.

Missouri has clearly outplayed Oklahoma, and the Sooners' fourth quarter problems have continued. The Tigers have taken advantage, and the public address warnings to stay off the field may be tested.

Oklahoma's Mossis Madu returned the following kick 77 yards into the red zone, but the Sooners offense has to find a rhythm that's been absent in the second half to take advantage.