Lunchtime links: Barkley thinks Gill should have been Auburn's hire

Posted by ESPN.com's Graham Watson
While many are talking about who Auburn did hire, former NBA star Charles Barkley is talking about who the Tigers didn't. Barkley tells ESPN.com's Mark Schlabach that Auburn missed the boat on Buffalo's Turner Gill and didn't hire the former Nebraska star because of his race.

•Mike Bianchi, columnist for the Orlando Sentinel is wondering whether he owes Central Florida coach George O'Leary an apology after calling for his firing last week.

•Utah isn't wowed by Alabama's rushing offense, but it is impressed by running back Glen Coffee and how simple can be effective.

•BYU receiver Austin Collie said on Thursday that he's going to explore options in the NFL and now several sources have told the Salt Lake Tribune that Jan Jorgensen will do the same thing. Both players will seek evaluations by the NFL's advisory committee.

•Fresno State didn't have the season it expected, but there's still the New Mexico Bowl to end the year on a high note.

•Doug Smock of the Charleston Gazette writes that it's not right that after all East Carolina's hard work this season, all they get is a matchup against a 6-6 Kentucky team.

•Florida coach Urban Meyer admits that Notre Dame is still a dream job.