Lunchtime Links

Anybody else fired up for Florida State vs. N.C. State? Join me and ACC blogger Heather Dinich tonight as we live chat the game.

Now on to some links:

The Boise State secondary is in for some tough challenges in the weeks ahead.

The Utah defensive line is eager to face Air Force.

If you have yet to see the rant from the FAU announcer over a hit in last week's game against Arkansas State, you MUST.

The Army-Navy game won't play into the final BCS standings.

TCU nose tackle Kelly Griffin is out for the rest of the regular season with a broken ankle, testing the Horned Frogs' depth on the defensive line.

Air Force has another option on fourth down thanks to Tim Jefferson's punting abilities.

Houston safety Jacky Candy hits hard.

Back-to-back losses have SMU searching for answers.

Two punters are better than one at Middle Tennessee.

UCF quarterback Jeff Godfrey and East Carolina's Dominique Davis are trying not to put too much pressure on their upcoming game.

Buffalo defensive back Domonic Cook is making a big impact.