BCS, bowls and Boise State in Friday mailbag

Let us dip into the Friday mailbag for some more question and answer fun. Thanks to everyone for writing in, and please understand I can only pick and choose a few to answer. So do not be offended if I skip your e-mail. I do read all of them, and appreciate all your feedback. Please keep 'em coming.

Howard in Broadlands, Va., writes: Watching the BCS show, I must have heard three times that Week 8 Pitt is better than Week 1 Pitt. Perhaps, but Week 8 Utah is also better than Week 1 Utah and Week 8 Utah still beats Week 8 Pitt. Also, can anyone seriously tell me that they don't believe that either Boise St., TCU or Utah would have dropped 60 points against Northwestern and not "found a way to win"?

Adelson writes: Well, again, this is all about slapping down the non-AQ teams and finding ways to avoid giving them credit for wins they rightfully deserve. Do you know how many times I have heard that Virginia Tech would beat Boise State if the two played today? As for all the other undefeated teams out there, we can nitpick their schedule and margin of victory, too. Michigan State needed two trick plays to win and has beaten one ranked team all season.

Matt Farren in Buffalo writes: Any comment on "Upset Special II: Miami (Ohio) 28, Ohio 21" (final score Ohio 34, Miami 13)? I'm an Ohio alum, in case it wasn't obvious.

Adelson writes: An alien got a hold of my hard drive and changed my picks! Not buying it? OK. I was wrong, oh so wrong. Please forgive me!

John McDaniel of St. Louis writes: If Missouri finishes the season undefeated, do they have a shot at the national championship? If not the title game, what BCS game would they most likely play in?

Adelson writes: It all depends on who loses in front of Mizzou. If Auburn and Oregon go undefeated, then the Tigers get left out and head to the Fiesta Bowl, home of the Big 12 champion. But if there continues to be one upset after another, then the chances increase.

Preston in Mendota Heights, Minn., writes: I'm excited for Western Kentucky. Do you think they can get another win this year?

Adelson writes: I have got Western Kentucky winning this weekend over North Texas. There is also a winnable game next week against FAU. Bobby Rainey is quite the underrated running back. The key is going to be how coach Willie Taggart handles the success, and makes sure his players stay focused.

Winston in Guatemala writes: You wrote: TCU is set to get a bump when it plays No. 8 Utah on Nov. 6. Yes Andrea, since it is just a given that TCU will win at Utah. Answer me this, has TCU ever won at Utah? No. I can't wait for that game so you will finally calm your overzealous love for TCU. Will you eat crow when this happens? Just wondering.

Adelson writes: What if I eat bugs or worms or something, like those people on Fear Factor? Would that be OK? If any Utah fans have something creative for me to do should Utah win, send it into the mailbag and I will publish the best responses.

Jed in Idaho Falls, Idaho writes: Boise State is the inspiration in all of football these days. Have you noticed the resurgence of gimmick plays in both college and NFL games ever since the 2007 Fiesta Bowl? Did you notice how No. 1 fell 3 weeks in a row? That hasn't happened since the 60's, but now Boise has reminded the lower ranked teams that those upper echelon teams can be beaten.

Adelson writes: Funny thing about those gimmick plays. Coaches of those power teams that use them to win are praised for thinking outside the box to win. Boise State uses them, and the Broncos are scolded for needing trickery and not talent to win. Love the double standard.

Chris in Concord, Calif., writes: Do you know what would happen if Army gets to six wins, yet the Armed Forces Bowl is able to fill both of its contracted slots? Would Army then move to the "at-large pool" and just have to hope for the best? I know I am getting ahead of myself because their schedule down the stretch isn't exactly easy, but I think it would be a real shame if the Black Knights finally get to six wins and wind up staying home for the holidays anyway.

Adelson writes: Yes, Army would need an at-large berth this year because there is no contracted bowl game. All it has slated is as a backup to both Conference USA and Mountain West teams in the Armed Forces Bowl.

Clifton Hamilton in Philadelphia writes: Is it fair to rate Kellen Moore so high on the Heisman list? Everyone keeps excusing his low overall yardage due to the minimal game time he plays, but his backup quarterbacks playing with other backup players are amassing statistics that easily compare to Kellen Moore's statistics. To me, that clearly states something about the Boise State team overall, their opponents, or both, but says very little about Kellen Moore. I think Boise State has a good shot at the BCS championship bowl this year, and if Kellen Moore puts up stats like this in the bowl game, I'll eat my words.

Adelson writes: How about going 23-of-38 for 215 yards, three touchdowns no interceptions and executing a two-minute drive to win the game against Virginia Tech? You said you wanted one game to eat your words – there you have it. I had a debate with somebody on Twitter about this (are you him?), who said he would be just as good as Moore if he played in college. But if it was so easy to put up numbers against low-quality opponents, then why is nobody from the MAC or Sun Belt throwing for 3,000 yards and just three interceptions in one season? Moore is not going to win the Heisman. He might not even be invited to New York. But he certainly has a special quality that has allowed him to pass with such accuracy, and to lead his team to 21 straight victories. I don't care how bad the opponent, you still have to be able to get the ball to your receivers to make some plays, all while reading defenses, dealing with pressure and eliminating distractions.

Raul in Albuquerque writes: New Mexico was once average in the MWC, garnering the 5th most wins in the conference for the past 10, 5, and even 3 years under Rocky Long. Obviously, times have changed with Mike Locksley... UNM has never won a MWC title in football. What should UNM do in order to win the MWC asap?

Adelson writes: Well getting rid of Locksley will help, but he has a large buyout and the school is financially strapped, so it is a big question whether he will be back next season. They need a dynamic recruiter to convince kids to come there, and they need to have a disciplined team. It is not an easy spot to be in, but Long showed it is possible to win there. Is it possible to win conference titles with TCU and Boise State around in the coming years? That is going to be much more difficult.