Blackshirts too strong for Tigers

Roy Helu Jr. Carries Nebraska To 31-17 Win (1:05)

Taylor Martinez left the game in the second quarter and Roy Helu Jr. rushed for a school-record 307 yards in win over Missouri (1:05)

LINCOLN, Neb. -- Missouri's offense has done what it could (not on the list: running the ball), but Nebraska's defense hasn't given the Tigers offense any room to operate for most of the game.

Downfield passes have been swatted away. Receivers over the middle have been bumped off routes and been forced to catch passes with a Husker shadow breathing on their necks.

When the Tigers have made catches, they've been brought down immediately.

Nebraska leads, 31-17, with the clock running out on the Tigers.

Blaine Gabbert has been forced to run out of necessity after broken-down pass plays, and carried the ball 22 times for 73 yards, including a 29-yard carry. Nebraska hasn't blitzed much in the half, but when it has, it's done it successfully. Gabbert took a huge hit on a sack that shook him up on the play, but he stayed in the game.

Nebraska has put up big numbers in the running game, but most of it has come on three gigantic runs by Roy Helu Jr. Without the Blackshirts playing one of their best games of the season, this might be a different game.

But they have, and barring a late breakdown, the Huskers have seized control of the Big 12 North.