ACC's lunchtime links: Wedding bells, contracts and tattoos

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Here's a look at what's going on around the ACC today:

  • Clearly, the ACC has hired some good football coaches. Duke coach David Cutcliffe received a two-year contract extension this weekend. Finally, the Blue Devils found a coach they want to keep. And no doubt Cutcliffe is the right man for the job. Unfortunately, because Duke is a private institution, we don't know if he's making Paul Johnson cash or not. Just curious.

  • If UNC's Ryan Houston takes care of the ball against West Virginia like he takes care of his tattoos, the Mountaineers will be toast. Houston moisturizes and shaves his arms so that all of his body paint can be seen.

  • Here's more on what Virginia Tech might be missing at the Orange Bowl, in case you missed it. (Still baffling is Nick Marshman's ineligibility.) Here's the best reason, though, for missing bowl practice: Getting hitched.

  • You know things have changed at Wake Forest when eight wins and a bowl win fall below expectations.

  • Florida State coach Bobby Bowden expects Wisconsin to "take the stinking ball and eat up the clock."