Miami's Shannon sending a message

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Five suspended players seems like a lot.

It would be, if any of them had committed any serious offenses, which they haven't.

The folks at Miami are intent on changing their image. The problem is, coach Randy Shannon hasn't come out and said why these players are suspended for the Emerald Bowl, and privacy rules prevent him from doing that. A source close to the program confirmed, though, that these are minor infractions. They're "team violations" some other coaches in the country would punish in the form of extra running, or other workouts.

Shannon is enforcing his rules with playing time, the one thing players value most.

He is holding his players accountable, and clearly none of them are above Shanon's law, as suspended players range from the starting quarterback to the longsnapper.

Chris Ivory has snapped for punts in the past 11 games, quarterback Robert Marve was suspended for missing three classes and being late to a fourth, and tight ends Richard Gordon and Tevaris Johnson were also suspended violating a team rule. Gordon and Johnson were both contributors on special teams, and freshman linebacker Jordan Futch, who was also suspended, was injured most of the year and probably wouldn't have played anyway.

So with the exception of Marve and Ivory, the suspensions should have a minimal effect on the actual game.

The intent, though, is to have a lasting effect in the future.