Tom Savage, Jeremy Deering spark Rutgers

There's been a change at quarterback at Rutgers. Well, sort of.

Tom Savage started the second half for the struggling Chas Dodd, who was just 3-of-11 in the first half. Savage completed two big passes to Mark Harrison for a total of 47 yards.

But quarterback is a part-time job with the Scarlet Knights. Jeremy Deering has been featured in the Wildcat for much of the game, and he finished the second half's first drive with a 19-yard touchdown run. The Scarlet Knights now lead 10-7.

Deering, my preseason pick for freshman of the year, has run for 106 yards already and has completed one pass. With Mohamed Sanu banged up, he's become the primary Wildcat option.

Savage may have supplanted Dodd as well. For whatever that's worth in this Wildcat-heavy offense.