Stanford: 'Woo Pig Sooie'

Stanford: You probably aren't going to the Rose Bowl.

The most likely scenario is (at present): Oregon-Auburn in the national title game and TCU in the Rose Bowl opposite the Big Ten champion.

That's what happened when Auburn rallied for a win at Alabama and Boise State lost to Nevada, which actually helps your BCS bowl cause, just not so much for the Rose Bowl.

The only way Stanford goes to the Rose Bowl is if Oregon and TCU play for the national title. That would require Auburn losing in the SEC title game. And if Oregon falls at Oregon State next weekend, then the Ducks go to the Rose Bowl.

But there is still hope for a BCS bowl game. All the Cardinal need is to push into the top 4 of the final BCS standings. That would guarantee it an automatic berth, per BCS rules.

With Boise State's loss, the Cardinal figure to move up from No. 6 in the standings to No. 5. At least. Because if Arkansas beats No. 5 LSU today, the Cardinal likely would move into the top 4. And that would mean either the Orange Bowl or the Sugar Bowl would have to take the Cardinal.

What about Wisconsin? Well, it wouldn't hurt for the No. 7 Badgers to lose to Northwestern. Wisconsin is likely headed to the Rose Bowl, but if it eclipses Stanford in the BCS standings and moves into the No. 4 spot, it would likely kill the Cardinal's BCS bowl chances.

So, Stanford fans should spend Saturday: 1. Rooting for the Cardinal against Oregon State; 2. Rooting against every one-loss team (Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan State, Oklahoma State).