Terrelle Pryor displays pluses, minuses

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Terrelle Pryor can be a maddening player to watch.

Pryor can also be one of the most exciting players in college football to watch.

He can be both in a matter of moments.

We've seen both the good and the bad of Pryor in today's game, and he just showcased some magic as Ohio State extended its lead to 10-0. On third-and-6, Pryor looked headed for a sack as he backpedaled out of field-goal range, but he evaded the rush, waited until the last possible moment and then gunned the ball to Taurian Washington for a first down.

Just a brilliant all-around play by Pryor. He made another great throw two plays later to top target Dane Sanzenbacher in the end zone.

Although Pryor has had some ugly looking throws today, he offsets it with magical plays.

Michigan is in real trouble now. The Wolverines could use a boost from their own magic man, Denard Robinson.