3-point stance: Net loss for MWC

1.When the Mountain West Conference raided the Western Athletic Conference for Boise State, Fresno State and Nevada earlier this year, commissioner Craig Thompson all but shrugged off the consequences of his league’s actions on the WAC. What goes around comes around. Thompson has lost Utah, BYU and TCU, his three most stable programs. The MWC, instead of moving forward, has suffered a net loss. Maybe Thompson understood something was in the air.

2.I don’t know what’s more remarkable: that the Big Ten coaches named Denard Robinson the conference Offensive Player of the Year without naming him first- or second-team all-conference (Dan Persa of Northwestern and Scott Tolzien of Wisconsin, respectively), or that I sympathize with them for wanting to honor as many players as possible. However, if Robinson is the league’s best offensive player, then he should be the All-Big Ten quarterback. This decision is too clever by half.

3.Alabama fired an unnamed staffer who played “Take the Money and Run” and “Son of a Preacher Man” over the Bryant-Denny Stadium sound system before the Iron Bowl on Friday, according to The Tuscaloosa News. The music served as sarcastic commentary on the woes of Auburn quarterback Cam Newton. Alabama responded as Auburn surely hopes that any opposing school would. Which is not to say that the song choices were not inspired. Funny, yes. Time and place, no.