3-point stance: TCU built a winner

1.For 50 years, or pretty much since the NFL emerged as the 800-pound gorilla of American sports, I have heard that the league killed college football teams in pro markets: SMU, Houston, Tulane, etc. But TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte said Monday that the Big East found his school attractive because of its TV market. Are we on the verge of an urban renaissance for college football? Maybe it’s just another another way of saying, if you build a winner, they will come.

2.I’m just not convinced that Texas coach Mack Brown’s threatened housecleaning of his staff will be as drastic as it has been made to sound. Defensive coordinator Will Muschamp already has been designated as Brown’s successor and has the salary ($900,000 per year) to prove it. And is Brown going to fire offensive coordinator Greg Davis, his right-hand man for some 25 years? Perhaps Brown convinces Davis to become an administrator. But I would be stunned if Brown did even that.

3.Washington coach Steve Sarkisian made the gutsiest call west of Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio on Saturday when the Huskies beat Cal with a game-ending touchdown rather than kick a field goal that would have forced overtime. In a season in which quarterback Jake Locker has struggled to stay healthy and the Huskies have three last-play victories, Washington can win the Apple Cup over Washington State and hit the jackpot. “After all this,” Sarkisian said, “we’re playing for the Holiday Bowl. Is that unbelievable?”