Nevada recruiting tops non-AQ Mailbag

We got a nice variety in the mailbag Friday: Nevada, Boise State, UCF, East Carolina and Temple. Keep those comments coming!

Martin T. Kandy in Ft. Lauderdale writes: With the fantastic season Nevada has experienced, are there any indications California recruits are paying more attention to the WolfPack? How does there 2011 recruiting class look so far?

Adelson writes: Nevada always does well in California, just take a look at its roster. But so far it is unclear how this season is impacting recruits. Nevada has seven commitments, all from California. None are rated above two stars. There is still plenty of time until signing day, so it will be interesting to see how Nevada closes.

Scott Sweely of Johnson City, Tenn., writes: Why aren't more people questioning the overall bowl selection process for the case of Temple University getting snubbed while they defeated several bowl & BCS teams? It appears that some schools cannot get into a bowl regardless of their record or accomplishments.

Adelson writes: Temple got the short end, no question about it. But the MAC only has three guaranteed tie-ins, and had six bowl eligible teams. As I wrote in a previous post, Temple was hurt because it lost two straight, and all the other 6-6 teams that made it had tie-ins to their respective games. It is an absolute shame that Temple has to sit at home with an 8-4 record and a win over Connecticut. But the system is going to favor 6-6 teams from the bigger conferences from now on for at-large bids thanks to a recent change.

808 AF Warrior of Travis AFB in Calif., writes: How is it that Hawaii receiver Greg Salas did not make it as a finalist for the Biletnikoff Award? 106 catches for 1,675 yards (which leads the nation) and still no love?

Adelson writes: Probably because he plays for Hawaii and many of the accomplishments of those players get discredited because of the "system." Salas had a great year, no question about it.

Danny in Orlando writes: After winning the C-USA Coach of the Year award for the third time, do you think that UCF coach George O'Leary might be a candidate for any head coaching jobs at a higher-profile school? And if he did leave, do you think the program would be all right? I think that the school has proven that it is willing to spend money on athletics. Plus, with (Jeff) Godfrey at quarterback, I think this team has the potential to be good for the next three years.

Adelson writes: O'Leary isn't going anywhere. What happened with his resume at Notre Dame is going to give a high profile school pause. I think he will be UCF's coach until whenever he decides to retire, and I do agree the Knights are in good shape for the future.

Dustin in Meridian, Idaho, writes: Could you see the Big 12 adding Boise State in the near future? I know that they are joining the MWC, but I know BSU would ditch the MWC for the Big 12 any day. BSU would do very well in the Big 12 North.

Adelson writes: Nope, not going to happen.

Matt in Boise, Idaho, writes: Why do you believe that Boise State University President Robert Kustra and Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee are speaking out about college football topics and the presidents are not leaving it to their ADs to discuss with the media?

Adelson writes: Presidents have a lot of say in what happens with the BCS, not just athletic directors and conference commissioners. Gee was asked a question in an interview, and I don't think he realized the firestorm he was about to create. Kustra just fired back. I just think both felt the need to defend their schools. But if you are going to defend your school, you should at least sound educated about athletics.

Michael in Burlington, N.C., writes: I was wondering if you could try 2 things for me? 1. Give some more love to Dominique Davis and Dwayne Harris from ECU. They are amazing and their numbers show it. 2. ECU had a down year, but I believe is on the rise. They need some exposure. Granted they haven't deserved much this season. But we need your help to get some love!

Adelson writes: Maybe you missed my story on Davis earlier this year. I know it was a while ago, but hey it counts for something, right? I try my best to hit as many players/teams as I can so stay tuned.