Morning Coffee: It's all about the revenue

Posted by ESPN.com's Graham Watson

I found today's morning coffee in my email inbox. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel had a story about how teams need to capitalize on revenue opportunities while they're hot. The story mentions how Notre Dame locked in revenue sources while it was hot -- a move that has helped sustain the program during this cold time.

The story links marketing with branding and tradition, exposure and whether or not people think the team is cool. It's an interesting article.

Other links for your morning...

• The Salt Lake City Tribune says depth is a major concern for BYU because it has so many starters returning.

• For those fans of teams who face Michigan this season, Fannation.com is reporting that Michigan running back Carlos brown has been taking snaps at quarterback. Coach Rich Rodriguez just can't get away from a running quarterback, can he?

• Kunte Rockne's last surviving son, Jack, died Monday morning from complications from cancer. He was 82.

• The defense dominated Nevada's first scrimmage.

• The odds of UNLV winning the national championship would make you a millionaire.