TCU, Mountain West top mailbag

Welcome to another Wednesday edition of the mailbag. Lots of comments on TCU's big win over Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, plus the future of the Mountain West, so let's get started:

Scott in Honolulu writes: Now that the MWC landscape is changing with the departure of their top three teams as well as the additions of the WAC's top four teams in two years, what does the commissioner needs to do to keep making the MWC attractive to the BCS? Add more teams and form a championship? Also, do you really think matching MWC's champion vs. C-USA's champion will be enough to attract the BCS attention as what's been speculated? Thanks for your thoughts!

Andrea Adelson writes: Certainly Craig Thompson can add more teams and create a championship game, but I don't think that is going to do anything to make the MWC more attractive to the BCS. The problem is the Mountain West would fall short of meeting the criteria to become an automatic qualifying conference for this evaluation period. There is no other school that can be added that has played in a BCS game or has finished ranked highly in the BCS standings. I don't think the BCS is going to go for this idea of taking a winner between the MWC and C-USA champs, either. If there is an upset and the winner is a team that has three or four losses, that would not go over very well with the BCS honchos. Nor would it go over very well if an undefeated Boise State team lost to a multiple-loss team in a hypothetical title game and missed out on a BCS berth. I think the Mountain West needs to think long and hard before it adds additional schools or decides on a conference championship game. Yes the MAC and C-USA have one, but UCF could not even sell out its game. And it played at home. Ford Field was half empty for the MAC title game. It's not as if those games are making any difference to the BCS. Those are more for the leagues.

Sim Morris in Enon, Ohio, writes: Why won't or didn't the Big 12 ask TCU to join its league? Seems like it would have been a perfect fit.

Adelson writes: TCU adds nothing financially to the league, because it already has such a strong hold in the Texas market. When you look at the moves that have been made, the schools that have been invited to join other leagues have added something -- mostly from a TV footprint perspective. TCU adds a big market and credibility to the Big East. That is something it simply would not give to the Big 12.

Dave Shifferson in Boston writes: BCS computers aside, shouldn't TCU be given the No. 2 final ranking once the smoke clears on the 10th?

Adelson writes: The BCS does not give out rankings after the bowl games. Those are only to match the BCS games. But yes, TCU should absolutely finish No. 2 in both the AP and coaches poll.

Andrew in Salina, Kansas, writes: With the work that TCU's defense did on Wisconsin, and as well as the defense has performed there in recent years, what are the odds Dick Bumpas becomes a head coach in the near future?

Adelson writes: That is a great question. I think he is happy at TCU, and you never hear his name being tossed around as a potential candidate. After all, he just completed his seventh season with the Horned Frogs. I don't think the college football administrators needed to see that win to be convinced he is a good coach. He has been a finalist for the Broyles Award, given annually to the top assistant. We'll have to see if he has the desire to be a head coach in the future.

Hector in Ponce, Puerto Rico, writes: Why does Boise State have to play at TCU next year? I heard it was because Boise took Utah's spot in the conference. But BYU also left. Why Utah's instead of BYU's?

Adelson writes: The decision to slide Boise State into Utah's vacant scheduling spot was made before BYU decide to go independent. So as it stands now, Boise State will visit TCU in the only Mountain West matchup between the two schools.

Robert Platt in Boise, Idaho, writes: Will any other non-AQ teams besides Boise State and TCU get any preseason votes for the Top 25 polls and if so, can any of them make some noise and have a chance at getting a BCS Bowl bid?

Adelson writes: I think there is a chance Tulsa gets preseason Top 25 votes. The Golden Hurricane should finish the season ranked after winning 10 games this season, and they return a lot of their core players, including quarterback G.J. Kinne. But offensive coordinator Chad Morris has been interviewed for the vacant coordinator job at Clemson, so his departure could have an impact. Also, running the table could be next to impossible with non-conference games against Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Boise State.

Steve in Michigan writes: I noticed you wrote a piece back in ‘07 about Urban Meyer and the University of Michigan. There are rumors that Meyer is interested in Michigan, and that this may be the reason Brandon hasn't yet offered the job to Jim Harbaugh. Wondered if you'd heard that yet and if you have any insight on Meyer's interest.

Adelson writes: I would be astounded if Meyer returns to coaching this quickly after stepping down at Florida. I wrote that column when I worked at the Orlando Sentinel because I thought it made complete sense for Michigan to go after him, with his Midwest ties and his ability to win. But I don’t think he would have interest today.