3-point stance: Luck never said he'd leave

1.Andrew Luck never gave any indication that he wanted to leave Stanford for the NFL. He said all along that he wanted to get his degree. He told me last month he’s a year-and-a-half from finishing it. He also said last month that he knew nothing about the possible NFL lockout and that he hadn’t looked into getting an agent. His younger sister is a freshman volleyball player on the Farm. He loves playing college football and he loves college. NFL money would come at the price of giving all that up.

2.Oregon coach Chip Kelly is the brains behind the Ducks’ offense. He has melded the spread offense with a fast tempo to create nothing anyone has seen. He also can get so revved up in talking about a new wrinkle that he leaves his players behind. “Sometimes he gets a little crazy with what he’s telling you,” wide receiver Jeff Maehl said, “so you have to have him simplify it.” It’s comforting to hear a senior say that.

3.Auburn defensive coordinator Ted Roof waved off a question about how some of Oregon’s opponents have faked injury in order to slow down the Ducks’ offense. “We’re not going to do that,” Roof said. “We’re going to line up and play.” Maehl said the Ducks loved seeing defenses take such refuge, which is frowned upon by the NCAA rule book. “It shows a lot of mental weakness,” Maehl said. “Everybody on the offense, when we see that, we know to put our foot on the pedal more.”