2010 Big 12 All-Bowl team

We've spent the week wrapping up the bowls, and now that it's Friday, here's our Big 12 bowl team comprised of players who got it done individually in their bowl games.

Plenty of guys got snubbed, particularly at receiver (Sorry, Lyle Leong, Cameron Kenney and Kendall Wright!), but without further ado, here it is.


QB: Landry Jones, Oklahoma

RB: Daniel Thomas, Kansas State

RB: Eric Stephens, Texas Tech

WR: Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma

WR: Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State

WR: T.J. Moe, Missouri

OL: Zach Kendall, Kansas State

OL: Tim Barnes, Missouri

OL: Eric Mensik, Oklahoma

OL: Lonnie Edwards, Texas Tech

OL: Elvis Fisher, Missouri


DL: Phil Taylor, Baylor

DL: Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma

DL: Jared Crick, Nebraska

DL: Richetti Jones, Oklahoma State

LB: Von Miller, Texas A&M

LB: Travis Lewis, Oklahoma

LB: Orie Lemon, Oklahoma State

CB: Jamell Fleming, Oklahoma

CB: Kevin Rutland, Missouri

S: Byron Landor, Baylor

S: Tysyn Hartman, Kansas State


P: Matt Grabner, Missouri

K: Dan Bailey, Oklahoma State

KR: Coryell Judie, Texas A&M

PR: Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma