Tuberville extension a good sign for Tech

The results weren't quite there on the field just yet, but Texas Tech is confident Tommy Tuberville will bring them.

The school rewarded its first-year coach with a one-year extension and a raise on Tuesday.

He's now contracted through 2015 and he'll be paid $2 million next year with yearly raises building to a $2.4 million salary in 2015.

From the Lubbock Avalanche Journal:

[Texas Tech athletic director Gerald] Myers said Tuberville’s agent was not involved in negotiations on the new deal.

“We just negotiated with Tommy,” he said. “We totally talked to Tommy about this and it probably took us about a week to get it done. We’ve been talking about it internally for a while. We didn’t talk to Tommy about it until maybe a week or so ago.”

Myers said the buy-out in Tuberville’s contract is unchanged from last season. It is his base pay of $300,000 a year times the number of years remaining on the deal. According to the the mutual buy-out, Tuberville must pay that amount should he decide to leave Tech before the contract expires and Tech must give him $300,000 times years remaining should it opt to fire Tuberville without cause.

Texas Tech finished the year 8-5, which is certainly respectable, but Mike Leach's teams had better records in four of his final years in Lubbock. The transition wasn't perfect -- the offense was inconsistent and the defense was consistently bad -- but no one expected it to be. And if a "down year" results in eight wins, the Red Raiders will certainly take that. Breaking in a new quarterback this year could mean another season hovering around eight wins, but Texas Tech is clearly pleased with the direction the program is moving.

Tuberville is building a program, and defensive recruits like nationally ranked cornerback Marcus Roberson, who made a soft commit to Texas Tech on Tuesday, can help give the Red Raiders a defense it never had under Leach.

Plenty of teams across the Big 12 have great offenses. The best teams have great defenses. It's difficult to overestimate the importance of Tuberville's looming defensive coordinator hire, but he says he plans to take his time.

More than anything, the extension signifies a level of comfort for Tuberville at Texas Tech. He was a big catch for the Red Raiders, and if he bolted back to an SEC job, it's highly unlikely Tech would be able to reel in a coach with anywhere near his résumé.

Hence, they've made keeping him a priority, and it sounds like he's not making it to difficult. Tuberville maintains the talks between himself and Miami were never very serious this offseason, but that was the only job opening that Tuberville's name ever seriously came up for.

That, combined with this newest extension, is great news for the future of Texas Tech's program.