Non-AQ Players in the Senior Bowl

Time for some Day 3 updates on non-AQ players at the Senior Bowl. Todd McShay has a breakdown of the quarterbacks in Mobile, Ala., and had this to say about Colin Kaepernick and Andy Dalton. You will need an Insider subscription to read a lot of this, but I can give you a few snippets.

On Kaepernick:

His delivery is flawed but I don't know if it's necessarily a deal breaker or that he has to completely retool it like a Tim Tebow process. He's working on his delivery and though he's improved every day, he's still a long-term developmental project and I wouldn't expect him to be drafted in the first two rounds. The positive thing about him is during the 11-on-11 and team drills, he made his best plays and best throws and we were impressed with his accurate throws in tight windows.

On Dalton:

He exceeded expectations but Dalton didn't blow anyone out of the water this week. He has a good sense of timing and is accurate. He doesn't have elite arm strength but understands his tools and what he can and can't do. He's very efficient.

Steve Muench singled out Titus Young as a top performer on Day 3. Young has been drawing plenty of raves throughout the week. Muench said: "From the very beginning, it was obvious Young was the quickest receiver on the field. His routes could be crisper, but he did a good job of using his head and shoulders to set up inside and outside breaks. The highlight was just how well he caught the ball today."

On the Day 3 blog, San Diego State receiver Vincent Brown was singled out: "We love WR Vincent Brown's hands and his ability to make plays in traffic. But the one reason he's making plays in traffic is he doesn't have great burst. You see it when he's trying to separate from corners. He had a chance to make a play coming out of his break but could not close on the ball while it was in the air."