Greg Schiano does right by Tom Savage

Sometimes, it doesn't matter how you come to the right decision as long as that's your destination.

Rutgers coach Greg Schiano announced on Monday evening that he will let quarterback Tom Savage transfer to wherever he chooses, even if it's to Miami or another Florida school. Schiano made his decision after a school appeals committee upheld his original restrictions on the Florida schools.

Schiano said he had a change of heart after talking to Savage and learning that the player has grandparents in Florida. He was also impressed with the positive outlook Savage had about the situation.

I opposed the idea of original restrictions, as I usually side with players in cases such as these. Schiano's reasoning that Rutgers recruits in Florida and thus Savage couldn't go there seemed like a bad potential precedent to me. Doesn't every school recruit in Florida? Should all players be restricted to transfer only to areas where their former schools don't recruit? Savage did not appear to be a guy who was inclined to go to Miami and try to destroy the Scarlet Knights by talking bad about his former school to all current South Florida high school prospects.

It's just as plausible that Rutgers could have been hurt in recruiting by not allowing Savage to go where he wanted, and thus risk being seen as a program that does not care about its players' best interests.

Savage may or may not end up at Miami, or in Florida. But now all parties can move on amicably, and the situation was resolved the right way.